My name is Richard Dunn and I love to fix things. Having been a materials and metallurgical engineer, I have worked on multiple practical projects in the construction industry. I started Quiver Project to share some of my experience and offer practical advice on using adhesives.

Richard Dunn Founder of QuiverProject.com

When I have the chance, I love fixing things around the home as I find it to be a good way to pass time and apply some of the knowledge I have gathered over the years. I have particularly decided to write about adhesives because I used them extensively in my projects. I decided to do this after I found there was very little good information online.

I hope you find the information on this site useful. My goal is to help you choose the right glue for your projects depending on the materials you’re joining and the surrounding conditions. Despite my background in engineering and experience in the workshop, I still research on new methods as I work on new DIY projects and discover new products.

Whether it’s your first time sticking things or you’re an experienced DIY or professional, I’m sure you will find something here helpful. Do let me know if you have any questions!



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