Does Loctite Work on Plastic? (All You Need To Know)

Does Loctite Work on Plastic

Have you ever found yourself with a broken plastic item and wondered if it’s something you can fix with Loctite? Loctite is well known to work on a variety of materials, but it may not always be clear where it will be effective.  So, does Loctite work on plastic? Yes, Loctite does work on plastic. … Read more

Does E6000 Work On Fabric? (Yes, But…)

Does E6000 Work On Fabric

If you’ve ever had to “glue” two things together, chances are that you’ve used e6000. It’s one of the most popular adhesives and is used almost everywhere – whether for repairs, crafts, or even in construction works. If you’re looking to use it on a piece of fabric, you may be wondering if it actually … Read more

How Long Does JB Weld Take To Dry? (Drying Time For Each Type)

how long does jb weld take to dry

Every adhesive has a time frame which they take to dry. Some take longer to dry than others. It’s no different with JB Weld.  JB Weld consists of two components – a resin and a hardener which, when mixed in equal proportions, produces a solid, long-lasting, and heat-resistant bond between the surfaces it is applied. … Read more

Can You Use CPVC Glue On PVC? (7 Facts To Know)

can you use cpvc glue on pvc

CPVC and PVC are two popular materials commonly used for plumbing works.  Both are made of the same basic elements and are heavily used in piping systems. But they are not the same material, so they may not always work with the same adhesive. If you’re thinking about using CPVC glue for PVC, you may … Read more

Does Flex Seal Work On Pvc Pipe? (How to Use It)

does flex seal work on pvc pipe

When it comes to adhesives for quick DIY repairs, Flex Seal is a pretty popular option. While it can be used for almost any material, it may not always be effective.   What about PVC pipes – does flex seal work on PVC pipe? Yes, it does. When applied correctly, Flex Seal will adhere to PVC … Read more

Does JB Weld Work on Aluminum? (7 Facts To Know)

Does JB Weld Work on Aluminum

JB Weld is a pretty popular adhesive used to bond a wide variety of materials. If you’ve never used it before, you may be wondering if it sticks on aluminum.  In this post, we will examine how effective JB weld is for metal applications, specifically aluminum. I will also be showing you some of the … Read more

How Strong Is JB Weld? (Everything You Need To know)

How strong is JB weld

JB weld is a pretty versatile glue and is used for a variety of materials, whether it’s wood, metal, ceramic, or glass. It is commonly used by DIYers as well as professionals and is suitable for various applications.  From plugging cracks and holes to joining metal parts together or sealing leaks in pipes and machinery, … Read more

Does E6000 Work On Wood? (EXPLAINED!!)

Does E6000 Work On Wood

E6000 is a pretty popular craft glue notable for its strong adhesive property. It is sometimes compared to super glue and gorilla glue in terms of strength.  But just like any other adhesive, it doesn’t always stick to every material. If you’re considering using it on wood, you may be wondering if it will stick.  … Read more

Is E6000 Waterproof? (Yes, But…)

Is E6000 Waterproof

E6000 is an adhesive known for its high tensile strength and is often compared to gorilla glue or super glue.  Now, we all know moisture tends to weaken adhesive bonds generally. But what about E6000? Can it withstand moisture, or is it water-resistant? That is what I want us to look at today. Don’t worry, … Read more

How Long Does E6000 Take To Dry?

How Long Does E6000 Take To Dry

E6000 is a pretty popular adhesive, and if you’re into hobby projects and crafts, you may have used it at one point or the other. But if it’s your first time, you may be wondering how long it takes to dry, especially when compared to similar adhesives like super glue.  Today, we will look at … Read more