Is Rustoleum Spray Paint Waterproof? (Answered!)

Rustoleum is well known for offering solid protection against moisture, especially when used on metal surfaces. Like other premium brands, it comes in different applicators, and these include cans and spray paints. One of the main advantages of using spray paint is that it offers very quick application. If you are considering using it for your project, you may be wondering – is Rustoleum spray paint waterproof?

Yes, Rustoleum spray paint is waterproof. In fact, it’s one of the few options that offer complete water repellency and works on most surfaces. Once applied, it creates a protective barrier between the paint finish and moisture. The paint is oil-based, which makes it highly durable and it’s commonly used to protect metal outdoors.

In this writeup, we will look into the water-resistant properties of Rust-Oleum spray paint and why it’s used for outdoor projects.

What is Rustoleum Spray Paint?

Rustoleum is one of the oldest paint brands around. Their spray paints are some of the most durable options on the market. A good example is the Protective Enamel Spray Paint, which is designed for outdoor use. 

Rustoleum paints are commonly used to rust-proof metal surfaces, especially cars and roofing sheets. They can also be applied to other materials including wood. 

The paints are generally oil based and often feature ingredients such as latex, polyurethane, alkyds, epoxies, and more. 

The company came on the scene in 1921.

Like other spray paints, Rust-Oleum spray paint is great for painting small surfaces or hard to reach areas. For larger surfaces, the company also sells paint in regular cans. 

Furthermore, you have the option to choose from a wide variety of colors to match your project.

droplets of water

Is Rustoleum Spray Paint Waterproof

Rustoleum spray paint contains various ingredients including chemicals and additives that add a waterproofing element to it. However, the durability of the paint coating depends on how you apply it, the prepping process, and the level of water exposure. 

Some barriers are capable of lasting up to 10 years if correctly applied and under mild conditions. But if it’s constantly in touch with water, it will wear off sooner.

On the other hand, poor preparation or using the paint incorrectly can cause water to penetrate the finished project. So, you will need to be cautious in every step.

Before making any purchase. It’s a good idea to read the label on the product to know the level of waterproofing to expect and when or where to use it. 

In many cases, Rustoleum spray paint is used on metal pieces to prevent rust.

Can Rustoleum Spray Paint Be Used Outside?

Yes, rustoleum spray paint can be used outside. In fact, it’s one of the best options for reviving faded metal furniture. But it works for other materials – plastic, wood, etc. 

The main reason it can be used outside is due to its water resistance. Once correctly applied, it can repel water for up to 10 years or even more. 

The paint also has great coverage. It will stick on almost anything and will always deliver a professional look as long as you apply it correctly. 

How Long Does Rustoleum Need to Dry Before Rain?

Rustoleum generally takes around 12 to 24 hours to fully dry. Before then, in the first 2 to 4 hours, the paint should be tack free, and at 5 to 9 hours, you should be able to handle it. However, we recommend waiting a whole day before using the item again. This will ensure the finish is more effective in withstanding moisture. 

If you wish to apply a second coat, you should wait for an hour or after two days.

It is worth noting that drying can be delayed by high humidity. In this case, it may take a few days or even a week for the paint to fully cure. 

One way to reduce drying time is to use thin coats of paint or you can use a thinning agent like xylene. This can help the paint dry 3 to 5 times faster. Working at a temperatures between 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit can also reduce drying time. You can check the local weather forecast to pick a time for your project. 

Whatever happens, don’t be in rush to finish the project. Make sure it fully dries or else the paint finish may not be as durable or waterproof as expected. 

Is Rustoleum the Best Spray Paint?

Rustoleum is undeniably one of the best spray paints in the market. They have a product line that includes various formulas for different needs such as rust protection, mold and mildew protection, etc. One thing that is consistent with these products is that they offer water protection.

Rustoleum Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover and NeverWet.

One of our favourite rustoleum spray paint is the Rustoleum Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover. The oil-based formula is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and works for different surfaces including metal, wood, masonry, ceramic and even plastic. As the name suggests, the product doubles as a paint and a primer, so you finish with your project faster with more coverage (up to 12 square feet). Spraying can be done from any angle, so it’s easy to reach tight corners and spots. Another thing we like about the paint is that it has a low odor and doesn’t peel or chip over time. It dries to a nice satin finish. 

Another option that does incredibly well against water on a wide range of materials is Rustoleum NeverWet.

Krylon Outdoor Decor Spray Paint 

Besides Rustoleum, Krylon is another popular brand that offers superior protection against water. Specifically, the Krylon Outdoor Decor Spray Paint is one of the best options out there. It is available in several colors and provides excellent waterproofing. 

Unlike Rustoleum, the paint takes only about an hour to fully cure. And the finish project won’t fade or peel easily. You can use it on different surfaces including masonry, wicker, wood, concrete, plastic, glass, etc. 

How to Remove Rustoleum Spray Paint

It’s much easier to remove spray paint when it’s still wet. However, once the paint cures it’s usually harder to remove. By the, it becomes difficult to break the barrier created by the binding agents. In most cases, these bonding agents are natural oils or alkyd that ordinarily don’t dissolve in water. Depending on the surface you applied the paint, you may need to use baking soda, a cleaning agent or even a power washer. In most cases, creating a paste of hot water and baking soda will work and applying it on th paint will work. Once you cover the area with the paste, allow it to stay for 15 minutes. The paint should begin to peel off. 

If you want to remove the paint from your skin, you can use a mild dish soap and nail brush. Don’t scrub too hard to avoiding hurting yourself.

Does Rust-Oleum need a top coat?

Not really. Rustoleum spray paint doesn’t require a topcoat/clearcoat after the application. Generally, you don’t need to apply a topcoat when spray painting. However, it can help to add an extra layer of durability especially for outdoor projects and with clear gloss spray paints. We highly recommend this step if you’re using a waterproof spray paint like Rustoleum or Krylon on exterior projects. It will help boost the efficacy of the paint.

Final Words: Is Rustoleum Spray Paint Waterproof?

So, is Rustoleum waterproof? Yes, it is. This makes it an excellent choice for outdoor projects. However, being waterproof doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in the effort or use shortcuts. Nothing substitutes for good preparation and application, not even a good paint. So, make sure you prepare the workpiece and apply the paint correctly. When you do this, you’re almost assured of a waterproof finish that will stand the test of time.